Developed in British Columbia by LED Dental, Inc (White Rock, BC, Canada) in collaboration with the BC Cancer Agency, this diagnostic tool is an additional adjunct to our Oral Cancer Screening Program. The valuable tool will be used in one of two ways, which are:

  • For the routine scanning of all oral and pharyngeal tissues, and

  • For the examination of suspicious lesions.

Although this useful tool can help determine whether a visible lesion requires further investigation, its real value is in the early detection of oral cancers prior to any visual clues.  As with most cancers, early detection will greatly improve the survival rate of those patients. Velscope uses visible light in the 430nm wavelength in order to cause fluorescent excitation of certain compounds in the tissues.  Healthy tissue appears different than diseased tissue when viewed with the Velscope.  Please understand that this device does not diagnose oral cancer but simply helps determine if a particular area requires further investigation. 

For more information on this useful tool, please visit the Velscope Website.


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