Although our sterilization centre doesn't sound very exciting by itself, we would love to show you ours.  Its an ultra modern modular system using cassettes and state of the art sterilizers.  We maintain two sterilizers; a LISA (ADEC, USA) and a STATIM (SCI-CAN, USA).

Infection control is a very important part of any health system.  At Pacific Spirit Dental, we take great pride in the level of infection control we provide.

All instruments, including hand pieces (drills) are run through our state-of-the-art SteriCentre.  Using a cassette system, instruments are first run through an industrial ultrasonicator, dried and then placed through one of our two hospital-grade sterilizers.  Using distilled water, our LISA (ADEC USA) and our STATIM (SCICAN, USA) are top of the line and are constantly spore test monitored to insure their effectiveness.  There is no smell involved and there  are no chemicals to be flushed into the sewage system.  

In addition to sterilization of instruments in our office, please take note of other forms of infection control in our office.  All chairs and light handles are covered with barriers.  During any procedure, we will only touch those items with barriers.  If we must touch other items, we will simply de-glove and then re-glove in order to maintain optimal infection control.  Keep a mental note of how many gloves we go through!

Where ever available, we will use single dose disposable dental materials in order to prevent any cross contamination. 

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