Our hygiene program is run by Jackie and Eli (Elizabeth).  Their professional goal is to provide you with the highest level of professional service through their commitment to excellence.  Under their care, they will provide you with all the time and skill necessary to bring you to optimal dental health as well as the knowledge you require to maintain your gums and teeth.  Jackie and Eli are the fundamental backbone of our preventive maintenance program and are therefore an indispensable resource for you, the patient.
Cathy and her protege are the core of the technical operations of our clinic.  Not only will you see them as they assist during your dental procedures, but they are the technical experts handling your digital radiography and photography as well as clinical computerized data.  When not involved with hi-tech applications or chair-side delivery, they are also trained in advanced sterilization procedures, materials management and in-house lab applications in order to optimize patient flow.  Whether making custom trays for your impressions or bleaching kits, to laser scanning your crowns, they are always working either in view or behind the scenes to keep the clinic ticking.

Eileen, Pauline and Debbie will be on hand to take care of all your administrative needs, whether in person, by phone, fax or email.  They are the hub of operations in our practice and all communications in or out of our office are managed through them.  With a combination of skill and the use of hi-tech data management systems, these team members will handle an amazing amount of information on your behalf.  You will find them not only extremely capable but very professional.


Dr. Collin Shuen is a board-certified specialist in Prosthodontics. After graduating from dental school, Dr. Shuen distinguished himself by completing a three-year residency in Prosthodontics at the University of Connecticut. He holds Board Certification from both the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and the American Board of Prosthodontics.  Dr. Shuen brings over 7 years of experience to Pacific Spirit Dental Centre, and has grown up around dentistry his entire life. The son of two dentists, his own family is celebrating 40 years of dental practice in Vancouver.  Dr. Shuen’s dedication, energy and training make him the ideal person to safeguard your dental health for years to come.

Whilst off-duty, Dr. Shuen enjoys indulging in food and exploring the how cuisine is woven into cultures around the world. He shares Dr. Schmidt’s love of photography and the outdoors, and counts himself fortunate to live in the beautiful lower mainland of BC.



Like many organizations, Pacific Spirit Dental is all about 'The TEAM'.  It's the combination of experience, desire, integrity and hard work that makes us tick like a Swiss time piece.  The following is a bio of the team members that you will meet.

1981 Gold Medal Graduate from the UBC Faculty of Dentistry.  Dr. Schmidt has been in private practice since graduation and has also contributed as a sessional lecturer at the UBC Faculty of Dentistry from 1982 to 1990.   In 2004, Dr. Schmidt founded Pacific Spirit Dental Centre to continue his professional development. 
Dr. Schmidt has been a contributor in dental education and has implemented cutting edge technologies making Pacific Spirit Dental one of the most advanced clinics anywhere.  In addition to maintaining a high degree of continuing dental education, Dr. Schmidt has lectured frequently on CAD/CAM technologies as well as Patient Navigation in Canada, the US, Australia, and Asia.  To see a recent list of courses taken and given, follow this link.  In 2004, Dr. Schmidt was awarded the College of Dental Surgeons of BC Order of Merit. 
Although professional development is a large part of his life, Dr. Schmidt finds balance through his family and enjoys fly fishing, travel, hiking, photography and other outdoor pursuits.

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