We take your confidence seriously. In our minds, we feel that you have 'hired' us to assist you achieve the best dental health in the most efficient manner. When we perform our job properly, you should have the best result with the least ongoing treatments and expense. It becomes a matter of pride for us to see how well and how long you can maintain your oral health without ongoing, unnecessary treatments.


You will  find that our office generally works like clockwork.  We will respect your time and trust you will respect ours by arriving on time for your appointments.  When an appointment time is scheduled for you, it will reflect enough time required for us to complete the procedure(s) to our satisfaction.  Our office requires at least 2 working days to re-schedule your appointment unless you have become sick or have a family emergency.  Inconsiderate cancellations may be subject to a fee based on the time and procedure cancelled.

Our fees are based on the experience, time and technologies available to carry out the required procedures.  Another way of looking at it is that our fees are a reflection of the quality of the procedures performed and the success of their outcomes.  We use the best materials and techniques available in order to give you the highest quality we can with the least post-treatment complications.  Again, we are extremely proud of the success of our treatments.  


Our administrative team will happily handle all your insurance claims and electronically file them as you leave.  In this way, you should  be reimbursed directly by your insurance carrier(s) within a few working days.  Its worth noting that those patients with dental insurance are fortunate to have this benefit.  Please understand that the agreement is solely between you and your insurance carrier and information transfer between our office and your carrier is either blocked or minimized due to the FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act) legislation set out by the Federal Government. Its also worth noting that significant confusion exists regarding plan benefits.  Not all procedures offered, required or requested may be covered by your insurance carrier.  As with all insurances, there are a wide array of provisions ultimately dependant on the premiums paid by the you, the plan holder.  

It is common for plan benefits to be expressed as a percentage; for example, 100%A, 50%B, 0%C.  What this means is that your carrier will agree to pay that particular percentage of a FEE GUIDE that they have selected.  Today, insurance carriers use a wide variety of FEE GUIDES, some of which are based on guides that are several years out of date.  Other plans have discounted the Provincial Fee Guide to 70% (or 50%) and claim that they are paying 100% of their fee guide.  This also is mis-leading since 70%(50%) of 100% is still 70%(50%).  For this reason, it can be quite confusing in dealing with all the available dental plans.

If you have any questions about fees or wish to know ahead of time what your obligations will be, please ask any one of our administrative team.  They will be happy to review fees with you and, where appropriate, submit a predetermination to your insurance carrier or present you with a written estimate.  This will let you know, ahead of time, whether your plan(s) will cover the required treatments and to what extent.  Of note, due to FIPPA regulation, this will be sent directly to you.  This causes considerable frustration as this appears to be a piece of unwanted mail that is very difficult to understand.  More often than not, it gets thrown out, negating the whole process.  For this reason, we suggest that you watch out for this letter and, when you receive it, forward it to our office for interpretation.  Unfortunately, the predeterminations sent out to you are not patient-friendly and are confusing at the best of times.

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