This is the preparation of tooth decay using a high-pressure micro-stream of inert abrasive particles.  Rather that take a steel bur and make the cavity preparation much larger than the decay in your tooth, we now can make multiple micro preparations, therefore, allowing minimal impact on the strength of your tooth.  This, in combination with the Diagnodent Laser, has revolutionized some aspects of dentistry.  Many times, microabrasion is performed without the use of anaesthetic, even for moderate decay.  In the event, the decay is extensive, conventional means will then be required.

This system is of particular benefit to young people.  On newly erupted teeth which begin forming decay in the cracks/fissures of the teeth, we can now detect the disease process earlier with the diagnodent laser and treat it minimally.  Once the groove is sealed with either a fissure sealant or a small restoration (Preventive Restorative Resin; PRR), this will greatly decrease the future disease process.  One of the problems with this however, is that decay can still progress in between the teeth.  For this reason, we highly recommend that you floss your teeth is well.  Even if the biting surface is resistant to decay, considerable portions of your tooth will still have to be removed if you develop decay in between your teeth.





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