Bruxing/Bruxism.   Grinding/gnashing of the teeth.

Endodontics.  Pertaining to root canal therapy

Clenching.  Clamping of the teeth together.

Gingivitis.  Inflammation of the gums.

Frenectomy.  Severing of the fibrous attachment of the cheek to the gum.

Mastication.   Chewing of food.

MucoGingival Problem.  Lack of gum tissue which generally results in recession/root exposure.

Orthodontics.  Pertaining to tooth and orthopedic jaw movements. 

Parafunction.  Tooth contact not related to eating. Bruxing and clenching are forms of parafunction.

Periodontics.  Pertaining to the periodontium/gums.

Periodontitis.  Disease/Inflammation of the supporting tissues of the teeth.

Periodontium.  Structures which hold your teeth in place. These include the jaw bone, the tissue ligament (periodontal ligament; PDL) and the gums around the teeth.

Prognosis.   Possible or expected outcomes with or without treatments.

Predetermination/Preauthorization. An insurance term whereby it is determined how much benefit an insurance carrier will pay for recommended or required treatments. 

Pulp/Pulpitis.  The pulp is the nerve of the tooth. When inflamed, it is called pulpitis.

Radiograph.  An X-ray picture

TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder).  Condition affecting the muscles, joints and teeth used for chewing

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