Today, we view root canal therapy as a necessary alternative to extraction of a tooth.  In the event, that the nerve is either dying or is dead, root canal therapy will likely be required.

Today, root canal therapy is provided by hi-tech nickel titanium files that are controlled by a computerized chip regulating the torque applied to the file.  This greatly reduces file breakages, improves root canal filing and therefore the final result.  Unlike most other offices, we only use our files once. This also has greatly increased success.

How long does the root canal filling need to be?  Whereas, radiographs (X-ray pictures) were used in the past, today we do it much more accurately and efficiently by using an apex locator.  This device measures the impedance within the tooth and is far more accurate than radiography.  A better result, with less time and less radiation.  

Our overall objective is to get the best biological seal with the least amount of tooth removal.  For a review of root canals and their success, just follow this link to prognosis.





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